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New to Lebara Móvil? With Lebara Móvil calling your loved ones just got even simpler and more cost effective - chat to friends & family all over the world from your Móvil from as little as 0 cents. Find out all you need to know about how to set up your account, how to Top Up Instantly and how you can save even more on international calling with Lebara Móvil in this section.

To get started, all you need to do is follow these simple steps – start on Get a SIM, then click ‘Next’ button at bottom of text.

How do I get started?


1. Join Lebara Móvil and keep your number

Keep My Number

Become a Lebara Móvil customer without changing your number

It’s easy, and FREE, to move your current mobile number to Lebara Móvil. You can enjoy Lebara Móvil's incredible tariffs and keep your old mobile number. Your current service (contract or prepayment) will be replaced with the new contract that Lebara Móvil offers you. It is important to note that your mobile number will remain with your present mobile operator until the number transfer process is successfully completed.

You can go to any point of sale to process it or manage it yourself using a form which you can download on our website or calling to Customer Service:

If you decide to go to our Point of Sale:

Ask for your portability in any Lebara’s point of sale.
You must fill a portability form & sign it.
You will receive a free SIM that you can top-up and in which will keep your number.

In a few days you will receive an SMS confirming to you that you can substitute your old SIM card for your new Lebara SIM card on your free mobile telephone and enjoy Lebara experience.

Click here to see your nearest point of sale

Call us at 901 810 810 Monday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm to find out how to take advantage of portability or keep your existing number

If you decide to cancel portability request , you have 24 hours. Send us your cancellation request signed via fax to 917211810?

Click here to print portability cancellation form.

2. Get a SIM

We've made it even cheaper and easier for you to make international calls from Spain on your phone. Pick a SIM that suits your needs.

Sim card
 Pay As You Go

  • Free Lebara to Lebara calls
  • International calls from 0,012 €/min

3. Unlock my phone

Unlock Phone

Lebara Mobile understands that a lot of our customers are thinking about unlocking their phones, here is some key information to help you in unlocking your phone:

What is phone unlocking?

  1. Many network providers offer phones at a lower price when bought with a contract. In most cases, the provided phone is locked to the network for the duration of the contract. This means you cannot use any other network provider’s SIM card in the provided phone for the duration of the contract unless it has been ‘unlocked’.
  2. Unlocking your phone allows you to use alternative network providers. This is particularly useful to avoid roaming charges whilst traveling abroad.
  3. As a Pay-as-You-go SIM, Lebara Mobile does NOT lock SIMs to our network.

How can I tell if my phone is unlocked?

  1. Inserting a SIM card different to your current network provider will show if your phone is unlocked. If you receive an error message similar to “Enter Unlock Code” or “Contact Service Provider”, your phone is most likely locked
  2. You can find out more by visiting your local Phone Shop for advice or by searching online via Google or your favourite search engines. In the search box, type in ‘YOUR PHONE MODEL unlocking’ and click ‘search’.

What are the advantages of unlocking my phone?

  1. There are many advantages to using an unlocked phone – any GSM phone will work with a SIM card from any other GSM network in the world.
  2. Instead of paying for a new phone when you switch network, you can keep your old phone (as long as both networks use GSM technology).
  3. You can purchase a phone locked to a different network and use it with your own SIM card and service. You no longer need to pay roaming charges when you go abroad. Simply unlock your phone and then purchase a prepaid domestic SIM card at your destination and receive the same low call rates as locals.

Is phone unlocking allowed?

  1. We must advise you that SIM Lock may be protected software. Always check with your current network provider to ensure that by unlocking your phone, you are not in breach of any contract or obligations and that the unlocking method you are choosing is legal. Lebara is in no way responsible for any claims by third parties or damages related to the (attempted) removal or manipulation of the Sim lock.

How can I unlock my phone?

  1. It’s easy to unlock your phone – try your current network provider, the high street or via the internet, usually for a fee.
  2. To find a local phone unlocking shop, visit your favourite search engine and enter ‘phone unlocking YOUR POSTCODE’ in the search box and click ‘search’.
  3. To find online codes and tip on unlocking your phone, visit your favourite search engine and enter ‘YOUR PHONE MODEL unlocking’ in the search box and click ‘search’.
  4. Once your phone is unlocked, you will be able to use your phone exactly as before.

Google search engine
Bing search engine

How will my phone change after it’s been unlocked?

  1. How you use your phone will not change. Some network specific functionality, such as pre-selected web browsers or settings, may change; these are linked to the network SIM, not the phone.
  2. The only difference will be when you try to enter a different SIM card into your phone - instead of getting an error message, your newly unlocked phone will accept the new SIM card.

Are there some models of phone that can’t be unlocked?

  1. Some phones are more problematic to unlock that others – you can look for advice at your current network provider or a local phone shop. They will be able to advise you whether a) your phone can be unlocked, b) how much it would cost and c) what after sales support they offer.
  2. To find your closest local phone shop, visit Google or your favourite search engine and enter ‘phone unlocking in YOUR POSTCODE’ in the search box and click ‘search’

Will unlocking my phone damage it?

  1. Unlocking your phone should not damage it – you can look for support at current network provider or a local phone shop.
  2. To find your closest local phone shop, visit Google or your favourite search engine and enter ‘phone unlocking in YOUR POSTCODE’ in the search box and click ‘search’.

You should check that by unlocking your phone you are not in breach of your contract with your current network provider and that the unlocking method you are choosing is legal in your country before proceeding. Lebara Mobile does not endorse unlocking your phone.

4. Insert SIM

Insert SIM

Simply insert your Lebara Mobile SIM card into your mobile phone and switch it on. If your SIM card includes call credit, you are ready to make your first call.

If you need to purchase call credit; you can Top Up instantly online – simply click on the button below.

  Top Up Now

5. Register


According to the Additional Regulation of the Law 25/2007 of October 18th of data conservation relative to the electronic communications and to the public communications networks, the Client who buys a Lebara Movil's SIM card will have to to be identified in a Lebara Móvil authorized point of sale by the exhibition of your identification card.

To register your Lebara Movil SIM, please visit one of these locations: STORE LOCATOR

IMPORTANT: Lebara Móvil will only activate the SIM cards of those Clients who register themselves in a Lebara Movil's authorized point of sale.

Lebara Móvil – Simple, Honest, Value

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When it comes to calling friends and family who are living abroad, Lebara Móvil's international calling services are the logical choice.

With crystal clear voice quality, free Multilingual Customer Service, very competitive rates to over 200 countries worldwide Lebara Móvil is by far the best way to stay close with loved ones.

With an easy-to-manage online account, Lebara offers all the advantages of an international calling card... without the need to carry around a card, remember access codes or be worried that you’re getting your money’s worth!

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